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The circulation channel investment introduction

"Nine&nine" series of high-grade fish hot pot material is now facing the nationalwholesale 

market investment.

Companies adhering to the "integrity Liye, save far win-win" business philosophy,commitment to the Division I signed a formal contract wholesale agents can 

get the following preferential support:

1 .dealers required conditions: regional wholesale market customers can have their ownrefrigerator

2. types of business products: " Nine&nine " series of fish products

" Nine&nine " series of fish product sample


Deals and Support

Product support:

"Nine&nine" series of high-grade fish products with "from Beihai pollution-free waters" cod "pulp" skin "pure seafood package heart" "the most advanced Japanese Seafood processing line" four big characteristics.

Image support:

On the signing of the contract agent, the company will provide self design full set of promotional materials (such as product foldout, X display, printing etc.), auxiliary partners open market, product promotion, improve the sales;

Services in support of:

The company will send experienced operational staff assisted partners of the business, including product training and business skills training, the two batch of business negotiation, drives the agent products fast circulation.

Regional protection:

The company in the same area of the wholesale market only to set up a home agent, and distribution to ensure that only signed exclusive cooperation contracts, guarantee the people of the region and cooperation channels and market.